Get FREE Removal of Your Unwanted 48″ by 40″ Pallets

Schedule a FREE Removal of your unwanted 48″ by 40″ pallets. Even if your pallets are broken, we’ll get rid of them for you.

A FREE 48″ by 40″ Pallet removal for Andy, one of our brewery customers who gets all his brewing supplies shipped in for his taphouse. The majority of his pallets are broken, but we can repair, remanufacture and recycle them so they don’t end up filling up his parking lot (or the landfill).
Another FREE 48″ by 40″ pallet removal for Oliver, one of our HVAC customers who gets all his materials shipped in on used pallets for assembly. When assembled, his HVAC products are hand-bombed onto delivery trucks, and we come to recycle his unwanted pallets. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.