3 years in the pallet business and 512 on-time deliveries.

Hey there, Andrew here.

If you’re in Calgary and need a reliable supply of 48″ by 40″ standard wood pallets (some people call them skids), you’re in the right place.

I’m a small supplier, and generally deliver one load of around 100 pallets per day. So a volume of 500 pallets per week.

Customers usually just send me a text message a few days before their needed delivery, and I fit them into the upcoming week. Easy.

Some of my customers are seasonal, or have fluctuations in their demand, so there are often openings you can slide into. No commitments, no deposits, no weirdness.

If you need more than 100 pallets at a time, or want to pick-up pallets to save on delivery just send me a text message at (587) 900-7111

To get a FREE Pricing Quote on 48″ by 40″ used pallets:

alt-text Call Andrew directly at (587) 900-7111, or

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Thanks and take care out there,

Andrew Loucks – Longbow Logistics Limited

Note: I am often driving around in a noisy truck and cannot answer the phone, so my phone will probably forward to my assistant or voicemail. I will get a full transcription of your voicemail message and will respond as soon as I can.

Calgary Used Pallets - A standard load of 68 used pallets delivered to Manchester Industrial in SE Calgary.
Storytime: This was the first delivery to my customer Paulo who manages a production facility for pipeline supplies in the Manchester Industrial area of S.E. Calgary.

He was stuck paying 50% more for pallets that were the wrong size, and only accessible from the front and back (a “2-way” pallet, which made loading them super annoying and didn’t let him use metal banding to secure his product properly).

We started out delivering 68 pallets every 2 weeks at the proper 48″ by 40″ size he needed, and accessible from all 4 sides. Now that Paulo had relieved his shipping bottleneck with a reliable and consistent pallet supplier he was able to quadruple his sales, shipping, and production volume, hire several more full-time staff, and lease out the much bigger warehouse next-door.

We have grown together in the last year to where I now supply him with a 1-ton flat-deck load of 90 pallets twice per week, and for 5 weeks even supplied another part of his business with 520 pallets per week.

Get the same quality and competitive pricing you need,
AND tie up less cash and warehouse space.

Save Space

Buying 400 pallets at a time forces you to sacrifice valuable yard and warehouse space.

You can order the same number of pallets in smaller loads, and get that space back!

Win Peace of Mind

COVID comes back, Calgary weather drops to -30°C, and demand changes seasonally!

Order smaller loads to remain flexible and only order the pallets you need, as you need them.

Save Cash

Moving cash to pay for large invoices of 100s of pallets is never fun, especially when you have to pay for the pallets before you need them.

Submit a Purchase Order to me, and only pay for pallets as you request and receive them.

What you get

A mix of A-Grade and B-Grade 48″ by 40″ used pallets

B-Grade pricing for all pallets (so you get some A-Grade quality for No Extra Charge)

Small truckloads of between 60 and 120 pallets

Medium truckloads of 120-150 pallets per load through if needed

❌ What you don’t get

❌ No brand new, manufactured wood pallets.

❌ No custom-sized pallets.

❌ No plastic pallets.

❌ No loads of fewer than 60 pallets

How do you get started?

It’s pretty simple, just call me (Andrew) directly at  (587) 900-7111 and I’ll walk you through the process. If I don’t answer, my assistant will guide you with the basics.

We’ll go over what kind of pallets you need to ship your products, and try to come up with a delivery schedule and pricing that fits your budget.

If we’re not a great fit, that’s okay. I can try to refer you to other suppliers who offer newly manufactured pallets, heat-treated pallets, custom-sized pallets, and pallets in much greater quantities than I do.

There’s not a lot of pallet suppliers in Calgary and supply is pretty limited, but I’ll generally be able to point you in the right direction.

Remove, repair, deliver. Simple.